Kari was born in Calgary, Alberta, lived in California and in many Canadian provinces before her family settled on Vancouver Island in her teens.
Health and Fitness has been a key component in her life from the very beginning. Her father was a gym teacher and coach, who also introduced meditation to the family when she was 11 years old. Her parents also owned a health food store.

She continued to deepen her knowledge of the human body into her adult life. She received her Health and Fitness Certificated from Simon Fraser University in 1984, a Personal Training Certificate from Sports Performance Institute in 2002 and a Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma from TriOs College in 2008.

In 1984 her travels brought her to India where she was first exposed to yoga and its many benefits. Her studies continued and she became a Certified Yoga Instructor through the Lotus Centre in London Ontario in 2003. This is when she also began teaching yoga in the community. In 2016 she discovered Yoga Synergy and found it helped her with her own personal injuries and, being inspired by this, she went on to receive her training. She now has incorporated this style into her classes and many of her students have commented on how long standing injuries have been alleviated through this approach.

She currently lives in London Ontario with her husband Dany and works at a rehab hospital for people with spinal cord injuries where she incorporates adapted yoga into the program. She has two grown boys Kyle and Brandon that she is very proud of.