Yoga with Kari is always a highlight of my week – I know that I’m going to finish her class feeling relaxed, strong and centred!

I really like the way that Kari is always extending her yoga practice, continually bringing in new techniques to keep each session fresh, and always looking for ways to help everyone get the most out of her classes.

Cheers, Gord

I have been going to Kari’s yoga class for at least 14 of her 15 years of teaching. Her voice and style of instruction are key to why I remain with her after all this time.

She makes sure that you are practicing yoga to your own ability, taking into account any individual limitations you may have.
Yoga has changed my life and Kari has made that possible.

Thanks Kari, Mariane

I have taken yoga with Kari for the last 2.5 years (or maybe 3.5 years… can’t remember whether I started in October 2015 or 2014). I absolutely love Kari’s classes. Her gentle manner, calm and respectful approach to every person is to be commended. Kari treats us as individuals, amazingly always remembers what our idiosyncrasies are and pays individualized attention to our movements, breathing and poses. She genuinely wants each of us to get the most benefit from the sessions, explains the rationale behind the movements and provides suggestions for modifications as needed. Kari takes time to teach us little bits of information about yoga – that always seems so natural and adds to the class. Kari has a great sense of humor and makes yoga fun and enjoyable. She also encourages us to get to know each other and it makes us feel like a “yoga family”. I would not hesitate to recommend Kari to anyone, as she is an exceptional yoga teacher (instructor).


I have practised yoga with Kari for almost seven years. She is a talented yoga instructor as well as a teacher who cares about the student’s entire experience. Kari addresses any aches and pains a student may have and offers alternative ways to achieve the same results. She inspires her students to focus on their well being through exercise, diet and meditation. I am so lucky to have found her and thoroughly enjoy the classes.